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February's Program:

"My Fiber Journey" by Nancy Weill

My fiber life, like life itself, has been a journey. My presentation is about that journey, where I started, what has kept me going, and where I am today. Along the way I have taken numerous workshops and learned about a variety of woven structures. I've gained knowledge from books, and discovered helpful websites and useful equipment. My work today looks nothing like my first work, and that is the point!

HOSTESSES: Cheryl H and Kate W

Spotlight on "Fiber and Yarn Basics" with Dagmar Klos

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

Our first speaker of 2016 was the exuberant Dagmar Klos from The Fine Line. Known for her expertise in dyeing, she is also a knowledgeable fiber artist. Dagmar spoke on what the micron count or measurement of the diameter of a fiber used in grading wool or protein fibers. The fiber is designated a number--a lower number indicates a finer and a higher number indicates a thicker fiber. But all these numbers do not take into account the softness, luster, texture, or elasticity of the fiber.

Superwash wool has a higher count and may feel softer to the touch than a lower count wool that has not been treated. Superwash wool is either coated with a resin or an oxidation process to change the structure of the scales. Dagmar discussed the camelid family with Alpacas having more colors and finer diameter than Llamas, which only have four colors. Camelid fibers having no memory to the yarn and should be spun with wool. There was a good conversation on other protein fibers with an explanation of why Vicuna and Yak are so pricey--the fiber is collected by hand not sheared off the animals.

Dagmar started to discuss plant fibers but unfortunately, time ran out. Hopefully, she will be able to come back. It is always a pleasure to have her at our guild.

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