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March's Program:

Dagmar Klos - Wonderful World of Natural Dyes

Dagmar is a dye master, fiber artist and teacher. Author of several books using natural dyes and recipient of the HGA Certificate of Excellence in Dying, she will discuss the origin, use, and impact of natural dyes on world history. Dagmar will also provide us with a basic knowledge along with some historical details that may surprise us.

Loose Ends Study Group

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

Loose Ends study group gave us a first-rate presentation of what they had been up to this past year. Some members took inkle weaving a step further after taking the Inkle Weaving workshop in early 2014 by turning their bands into small amulets. Cari showed how to convert a chain link fence into a warping board and demonstrated finger weaving to us at the end of the program. A pesky problem of tension with a linen warp was solved by Gay. Taking in an old and tired sewing cabinet and machine, Barbara turned an unattractive duckling into a beautiful piece of furniture that most of the group would snap up if they were allowed the chance. Many others, with the encouragement and help from others in the group, finished weaving projects that were on their looms for a bit of time. Virginia took her discards and leftovers and made useful items out of them instead of tossing them. Even though this study group prefers not to study one structure or technique as a whole, they demonstrated that as individuals they can still learn these things on their own with the help and encouragement from the group.

February Photos

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Photo Archives

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