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May's Program:

Fox Valley Study Group

The Fox Valley Study Group was asked to choose a picture, color or object as inspiration, then weave, using whatever weave structure or technique they chose, an item that represents that picture, color or object. The Group went in many different directions this year. It will be an interesting presentation!

HOSTESSES: Maureen P and Janet B

Spotlight on "Swedish Lace" by Rita Hagenbruch

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

We welcomed back award winning weaver and teacher, Rita Hagenbruch, to our April meeting to explain Swedish Lace and Halvdrall. Swedish Lace has the advantages of both Huck and Atwater-Bronson in that the threaded blocks can look like huck blocks and be repeated alongside themselves. Their threadings will use tie-down threads to separate repeated blocks as in Atwater-Bronson. Swedish lace can behave like Atwater-Bronson except when weaving two pattern blocks beside each other--then the pattern is shifted either up or down by one thread. And as in Huck, warp floats or weft floats can be treadled at the same time.

Halvdrall is another type of Swedish weave that make block or check designs by using weft floats alternating with warp floats. It has only two blocks with short weft pattern floats. Halvdrall has been woven for more than 100 years and is known to be the only technique to have been patented. It is also a two shuttle weave and can be used in weaving rugs with heavier weight yarns.

Rita left us with a few techniques that she employs in her weaving:

-- Use a temple and move it every inch.
-- Weave at the same time every day.
-- Wrap a wet paper towel around the wound bobbin.
-- Hand agitate using liquid Ivory or Orvus in the washing machine, then use the spin cycle.
   Repeat for rinsing.

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